Monday, February 8, 2010

i love my girls

I keep hearing people complain about their kids on different blogs and facebook a nd you know what i love my girls i guess i am lucky Jackie is an AMAZING kid! she wont complaing and throw fits very often if they do they are SO short lived, and usaually only occur around bed/nap time....I just hope miss Abby can live up to her standereds :)  I am glad we missed alot of the terrible twos but we still have 5 months left then bring on the threes :) I am all for it...I love Jackies love for doing art projects, helping me cook, helping me clean, helping me with laundry, telling me all about how much she misses her daddy when he is working or how much she misses me I love her to death she is an angel in our family and brings SO much joy into our lives! i love her kisses and hugs....her toys all over i could live without but she is worth it :)
Abby has been better at night i think something was up the last 3 nights but some tylenol and sleep seem to have made her better and she is sleeping better....she is still my happy giggly baby all day long :) I love how when you give her lots of kisses she starts laughing ahhh i love my baby! I hope she is watching her big sis example :) lol

i guess you would call me look on the bright side type need to dwel on the bad its there in all our lives we all experince it but if we focus on it it will bring us down it DOES bring us has brought me down when i foucus on here is me looking on the positive and that is my wonderful family, my wonderful girls who are so sweet and good, and my husband who loves me and whom i love more then anything i am SO blessed to have them

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