Monday, February 8, 2010


dear Jackie 
I wanted to do this for your 2.5 years but mommy got kinda busy and forgot and kept putting it off i kept starting but never got it done,  but I wanted to remember you at this moment

You are a daddys little girl thats for sure, but you have been since day one!   You hate it when daddy leaves for work and will cling to him the second he walks in the door.  You insist that he takes off his shoes so you know he wont leave again its really cute! You always love to play with daddy, do push ups, even watch hockey with him!

You love your sister Abby.  You always want to help with her.  You love to help mommy change diapers and you love to play with Abby.  When ever she is sad you try to help make her happy again.

You love to help mommy doing what ever mommy is doing, if i am sweeping you want to help me, if i am vacumming you are there too pretending to vacumn.  You love doing dishes you will clean your dish after you eat i think your better at it then daddy!!

You are just sweet as sweet as they come, you are a great talker! You know how to communicate and have since a VERY young age and I think this has helped with tantrums and made you a easy to talk to and reason with kid, you dont get upest too often.

You love the wii fit and playing it with mommy, you love to watch elmo, curious george and handy manny. 

You love to put your own shoes on this usally results in them being on the wrong feet but you are so excited about it! It reminds daddy of a line from a song..."and a little blue eyed blonde with her shoes on wrong because she likes to dress herself"

You love nursery again you hated it then loved it when we moved here then after utah you did not want to go but now you love it again :) you are also getting a lot better at sitting through sacrament....only have to leave for potty breaks you make it through looking at your noahs ark book and eating your snack!

you take a long time to wake up like stay in your bed just sitting there until your up enough then you run into our room and say good morning daddy lets go watch cartoons!  You will always tell mommy you had good dreams.

You love people you are such a people person.  You are always talking to me about one of your friends or family members asking where they are if we can call them its really cute! You love to give hugs and will hug just about anyone!

You LOVE dress ups and dancing we have lots of dance parties you like it when mommy gets Abby to dance with us! infact right now you got your tutu and are dancing :) no doubt wating for me to finish so i can come dance with you!

you are an amazing eater! you eat just about anything and everything infact until today i could not name a food you would not eat but sweet Jackie today you told me you did not like pickles on your cheeseburger...sigh i guess daddy and mommy both hate them so it was just a matter of time...but you better bet i will keep getting them on your cheeseburgers maybe you will change your mind:)

You have more nicknames then i can even right we are always thinking up something new to call you and you love it!

You love using your imagination and drawing to make picutres and "writting" all of our names!

I love you sweetie you mean everything to me, i could not have asked for a better daughter mommy is lucky to have you!

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