Wednesday, February 17, 2010

life is just crazy

Right now i am realzing how crazy life is, i just read a post i wrote when we were getting ready to move here about how scared i was for that adventure, all i can say is that I am glad this adventure is drawing to an end.  Its been an intersting experince one i know the Lord wanted us to go through and i KNOW we will face a lot of the same challenges we have here back in Utah but I am just glad that we will have more support.  I am still working on figuring out everything the Lord wanted me to learn here, what he wanted our family to gain.  Its hard to try to get everything from it, but I know one reason was he wanted us to know how much our family means to us.  It has taught me that a million times over.  I hate that i cant run up to my parents when I want or that they have missed out on so much of Abbys life.  I am excited to get back and have Sunday dinners again.  I am sad to leave this ward here.  Its been an amazing ward.  I love the people out here, so nice, so welcoming, so willing to drop everything to help us.  SO willing to welcome us into their lives.  Its taught me a lot, its taught me that i need to make sure I am always that way.  I think sometimes in Utah with so many members its easy to fall through the cracks out here you have to step up and be strong be involved.  I love my calling and I am sad to leave the YW, but I know our time here is done, I know i need to leave for my peace of mind.  I have had a hard time here a hard time being my happy self.  One thing i am known for is my happiness, but I have struggled to find it here, i have tried and tried but its fleeting, i am hoping going home helps I can already tell that they idea is helping, i have been happier and I am ready to take on new challenges always remembering what i learned in alamogordo remembering some of the people i will miss them, I WILL NOT MISS THE TOWN dang this town is different MUCH different then what I am used to in Utah or well most places i have been too as well lol who knows.  Right now I am working on packing up and getting things ready to go we are headed back on the 25th I got a freaking SWEET deal on a truck :) so happy about that now only to find a place to live :s but i have our truck for 5 days soo hoping i can get something fast!


Tyler and Amber said...

I think you are right. I will end up blogging more now that I have someone to blog about. Sometimes I felt like my life was too boring to blog about, but now I can blog about someone else! I will keep my eyes out for a good place to rent.

e said...

One awesome part about you moving back...I will probably get to see you within the next 6 months! YAY!

but I totally don't envy you the packing. packing sucks.