Tuesday, February 2, 2010

taxes and running

my taxes are done!! YAY! a bit angry that 2 W2's did not make it until yesturday but they are done our refund is on its way YAY!

on another note i went running this morning......yes you can pick your jaw up from the floor....i did it! i hate running but my goal is to learn to love it! With Derek starting a running program I thought i should do it too! Plus i am wanting to keep losing weight (getting really close to my high school weight!!) and i cant count on nursing eatting better and wii fit for ever! :) so his goal is a 5k on may first in under 25 minutes my goal 5k on may first under 32 minutes :).  I am going to try the couch 2 5k running program i did it today lets see if i can get out there 2 more times this week :)! 

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e said...

yay Jess! You should tell me how that running thing works. I hate to run so maybe if it works for you I'll try it too.