Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gratitude day #1

Nothing like a REALLY REALLY long lack of blogging to jump straight in and agree to try to do 30 days straight right? I am sure through them you will get an update. Plus I am sure if you do read this you also read Facebook and know the basics!

So for today I am going to go with this little man growing inside of me! I am very excited to add to our family in just 19 weeks! And to add a boy as well! I am very excited to learn how to be a mom to boys, and to see what changes I will have to make. We will see how switching from man to man defense to zone goes...

This pregnancy took us a lot longer than our others to get. I think we both took advantage of the ease we had with our first 2. Going through a miscarriage and 6 months of trying after really has made me so much more grateful for every discomfort that has come this time around! (and there has been lots of extra fun ones this time!)

He has been a little mover! I started feeling him about 13 weeks. Now he just goes nuts when ever I am holding still. He LOVES to kick my in the bladder. Guess he is getting in his soccer practice!

We have been talking a lot about names, and think we have decided on Brigham Kirk Stell. Hopefully that helps explain the B in the pumpkin ;). The girls really wanted him to have his own. :) (also I do reserve the right to change his name haha ;))

Jackie and Abby are so excited to have another baby. They both were hoping for a girl though! When the ultrasound tech told us it was going to be a boy, Abby looked up at her and told her she was wrong she KNEW it was a baby sister. haha! They are both coming to terms with the idea of a brother though. After all Jackie said they need someone to play robber when they play cops and robbers!

Derek is really excited to have a boy! After all the pink and princess in our home, I cant say I don't blame him! Lets just hope he likes hockey....and BYU! :)

So there you go blogging world. I am not dead. I am very much alive and growing a human.

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