Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitude a day #2

Today I am forever grateful for my love of cooking. I LOVE to cook! It is something that relaxes me and makes me happy! The super plus side is I get to make food my family enjoys! :)
I have always liked to cook. I helped my mom cook a lot growing up. It was not until I was married, I really fell in love with cooking. I found it so exciting to see my husband get all excited and ask for 2nd and 3rds. I learned how to tell whats food needed by smell, and what just a pinch of more spice would do to the flavor combo. I love searching pintrest for new recipes, reading over them, and the comments to see what changes I will make to the recipe (because I for the life of me can not follow a recipe ;))
I am such a dork. Every time I try a new recipe I get all excited and nervous about how my family will react and how they will like it. The good news is my family is sweet and always loves everything. Every meal they girls say k on three thank you mama. Then they count to 3 and yell thank you mommy! It is the sweetest thing and I love it.
So there you go. I am glad for my love of cooking...might be a weird thing, but I really am. Last night I made a big Mexican meal (recipes here) and just this is fun!

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Desmond Lim said...

What's your favorite recipe ?