Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gratitude a day #13

Today I do not know how to put into a simple I am grateful for. So here it goes. I used to be annoyed and frustrated that we do not own a home, we have debt, we have lots of bills and not a lot of money, ect. It can get stressful! Lately that stress has started to die down, and I have not been near as worried lately. Last night the girls and I were having a dance party in their room. They got up on their bed, and had their legs in the air and were laughing and giggling. I could not help but realize how lucky I am. Our home has love. There is so much love and happiness in our home. Nothing much more matters than that.
I am so glad I am a mom. I am so glad I get to have Jackie and Abby in our lives. I can not wait to bring our little Brigham into our home. I have learned that things do not matter. We have a roof over our head, food, and heat. We will be just fine because our home is full of love. I can not express my happiness and gratefulness for that. I am glad we did not wait to have kids until things became perfect. Things and time are never perfect. I know we will have a house someday. Our debt is going down, so one day we will have less money going to pay those bills. For now, I am just happy and grateful that I have my little family of four. Soon to become a BIG family of five. With the Gospel and each other we will always be happy and make it.

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