Monday, November 5, 2012

Gratitude a day #5

Today I am grateful for modern technology! I had my 20 week Ultrasound today. It is very nice to be able to get my baby boy all checked out before he is born to make sure he is as healthy as can be told. :) I am glad to report he got a clean bill of health. It did take an hour and a half, and 2 ultra sound techs and a radiologist to come to this conclusion though. I guess I have a very active boy. The techs and the radiologist were SHOCKED at how much he moved. All three made the comment that they have never seen a more active baby in utero. Guessing he is going to be a fun one! :) On the plus side, I got to see him for 1.5 hours. My girls were not as excited as I was to be there that long though! :) But yes, I am glad we know can tell genders, see if there are health concerns,  and can see so much of our little ones before they come out! 

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