Monday, August 16, 2010

11 months old

Abby-b-gail (as Jackie calls you)

WOW you are 11 months old today.  (well tomorrow)  This seems really old to me, and means I need to start planing your birthday party!! You have changed a lot this last month:

  • You are starting to stand on your own for a bit!  This means walking is soon coming.  Mommy can wait on this one Daddy wants you to walk now since other kids your age are walking.  Maybe he has forgot how much HARDER kids are once they learn to walk 
  • You talk a lot now a lot of its constant babling but you say, dada, hi, mama, no, and uh-oh ALOT.  you love to say "hi dada" the most 
  • You love to "talk" on phones, you always pick them up and say "hi dada"
  •  You walk around the furniture all day long 
  •  You love to explore, but also love to sit and play with who ever is holding you
  • Church has become a joke with you, you just want to play with everyone and crawl under the benches, lets just say we spend a lot of time in the hall but hey Jackie likes that 
  • You are an eater! You love food! You want to eat what ever we are having and do great with your two teeth! You Love to drop food or your sippy over the side and say uh-oh its a fun game (you think) 
  • You are no longer nursing you bit me one to many times and drew blood a few, so its pumped milk for now! :) you are down to about 3-4 bottles a day which I can live with its not much pumping 
  • You are still sleeping great! in a 13 hour stretch you wake up once to eat and you take 1-2 2-3 hour naps a day! Its very weird going from a kid who did not sleep to you, but i am ever so grateful!
You still are a wonderfully easy child! You will just play around and do your own thing most the time. I am debating putting you and Jackie in the same room together and making the other room a playroom.  I think it could be fun but we will see :)

Mommy loves you!!!


that's what she said...

happy 11 months abigail! bennett is getting close to walking now too. maybe he can walk all the way to utah to ask her out on a date. ;)

whelmar said...

oh, i don't mind! I've been stalking your blog for a while now :D Happy 11 month to Abby!