Saturday, August 28, 2010

I never take enough pictures!

The other day I decided I do not take enough pictures of my girls.  I have a new goal! To take a picture of them a day doing something fun!  I hope this well help us have more memories of what we have done and also give us a chance to watch them grow!  I will post some here for you guys too....and well for me because someday someday I will print this blog into a book....

In case you are wondering what trying to get a picture of the Jackster is like here ha go
SHE HATES the camera! here she is telling me NO PICTURES MOM! lol she wont hold still the moment that camera is on she moves like crazy....hence the blurriness above.......I WAS able to get her to hold still while we were making brownies
She was VERY excited to help lick the spoons! 
Note to self a family picture cold be possible if you allow Jackie a bowl of brownie batter.....

mmmmm sooo tasty! a girl after my own heart!!  only now I have to share with her! maybe I will just have to make 2 batches next time :)

On the other hand Abby Loves the camera she will even try to say "cheese" when you take her picture it comes out "eeeees" but its as cute as ever!

My Abby LOVES big people food and loves to feed her self!
notice Jackies kitchen next to Abby another must in my kitchen!  Jackie cooks her meals while i cook the families :)

always more then willing to smile....and DANG she got dirty from the day maybe I SHOULD have done that bath tonight lol oh well guess its on for the morning!

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Melissa said...

Loving it. Totally loving it. :)