Thursday, August 19, 2010

inner workings of Jess's mind.....

works a bit slow today so yes my mind is a going.....
  • Sometimes being a working mom makes me feel like a failure, i mean i miss out on a good 8+ hours of my girls, and when i hear they ask for me it makes me feel even worse.
    • on the other hand I really do love working which will cause guilt also, its one of those never ending cylces
  • Because I work i sometimes forget that I need time for my self and need to remember I don't HAVE to do the dishes, sweep, mop, vacumn every night our house will survive
  •  Cooking always makes me happy, cooking for others makes me even happier! (anyone out there want to come over for dinner?)
  • I doubt I will ever get enough sleep :) 
    • this is for a few reasons, the first being Jackie is a night owl and WONT go to sleep before 1030 no matter what I do (oh i have tried just about everything she is SO her dads kid) so when she does go to sleep i want a few minutes of mommy time
    • I HATE to go to sleep without Derek and he works until 11pm which means he gets home around 11:30-midnight, I wake up around 6:50am right there we are already getting off to a bad start.....
    • I don't even know if I should put Abby in here since she maybe gets up once and only keeps me up for a minute or two...
  • I feel really lucky to have my girls they are the best children I could have asked for.....don't get me wrong they each have their moments and each can get hard to deal with....but for the most part I am going to count my self as lucky!
  • I really do want to put them in the same rooms, but the work to do so sounds hard, and convincing the husband to do it with me sounds even harder
  • Jackie repeats things we matter WHAT it is :)
  • I doubt Jackie will ever understand how soft she needs to be with her sister
  • I am so happy to have my husband in my life, I don't think I could make it with anyone else, he gets me and all the "weird" things about don't send him running! (TRUST ME THERES A LOT!)
  • I miss having the Murrary's as my neighbors :) it was nice to have a late night friend whos husband worked late also that I could always complain to about ANYTHING and to assist me in all endeavors with my apt.  such as moving the girls lol she would SO help me figure out where to put everything!
  • On that same note, i really do enjoy the people we live around they are wonderful and great to talk to and Jackie has her good little friend (at least until they move :( anyone of my friends out there wanna buy their condo so we know who is moving in?)
  • I have a wonderful life :) i am reminded of this daily and I am so grateful to have what I have and to just live my life! 
  • I might have a secret desire to be on Master Chef...although after watching it last night I might need to learn to make Chinese


Celia said...

We should hang out again. Lots of your thoughts are similar to mine. Oh, Motherhood.

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

awww i think the same thing around here sometimes. just need somebody is a 24/7 neighbor LOL