Friday, August 20, 2010

Jackie funnies

I know i had these on Facebook but i want them here so I can have them WHENEVER i get around to making my blog a of these days

as we were leaving Derek today Jackie said, "i only love mama" Derek told me how all day she has been telling him she only loves me not him. After we drove off she started laughing and said, "mommy i have been teasing daddy *more uncontrolable laughter* I love mommy and daddy but i am telling him i just love you"


we were eating grapes Jackie asked me how many i wanted i told her 4, i heard her count, "1,2,3,4, *uncontrollable laughter* here are your 4 grapes mom" she gave me 5, i decided not to say anything since i was cooking dinner. She would not stop looking at me and then started laughing like crazy again an...d said,, "MOM i gave you FIVE grapes not FOUR *uncontrollable laughter*" 


She ALWAYS makes us laugh and makes us wonder how the heck she comes up with this stuff :) 

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