Monday, August 23, 2010

short notes (again come on its fun :))

Dear Self,
I am sorry if you still think you drive a stick shift, i really hope you will learn to not attempt to press the clutch or shift the gears.....putting the car in neutral is just not the best thing to do while driving
Love, me

Dear Children who are not my own,
STAY OUT OF OUR SANDBOX WHEN ITS COVERED and really when its not but when its covered that means I don't want you in it hence the cover.  You tend to break our things which is NOT nice.
angrily yours,
your frustrated neighbor

Dear mind,
Why don't you want to go to sleep when Derek is at work?  I mean really I could get so much more sleep if you would go to sleep before he got home!
always sleepy,

Dear kiddos,
You are wonderful at going to bed can i tell you how much I love that! Who know sharing a room would help you Jackie go to sleep so much better?
A happy mommy

Dear bank account,
its really nice to see you in the positive I am glad Utah agrees with you too
a not as high strung women

Dear Husband,
Our 5 year anniversary is fast approaching, hope you got something fun planned! :)
Hopefully waiting,
Your not so good at waiting for surprises wife

Dear kitchen,
I love to cook in you but i HATE to clean in you....could you please have a self cleaning feature?
forever waiting,
a "lazy" cook

Dear multi-taking
Have you noticed how much easier and better we have got at work since they gave us a second screen? Isn't it just wonderful??
a much faster and even more multi-task er

Dearr Jackie,
This fall I really want new family pictures, do you think you could start smiling for pictures by then?
expectantlywaiting (but not holding my breath),

Dear world,
does anyone need some service....I am feeling the need to help others
ready to help,

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Margot said...

I like the short notes format, t's clever.