Saturday, August 7, 2010

my favorite room in the house!

My favorite room in the house has to be my kitchen, I LOVE to cook! We had a lemon garlic herb roasted chicken  for dinner tonight
I cant take pictures of food lol, but this chicken was super tasty!  :) I have never made a whole chicken before so it was kinda fun! I really love playing around in the kitchen!  I could waste hours and hours looking up recipes and thinking up how to make them mine, because i have a thing for following recipes i just dont do it....hey I have to rebel somehow!! ;)
I think my favorite part was the gravy it made me sad i did not make mashed potato's lunch tomorrow i am thinking...or maybe a midnight snack...mmmmmm just got to make sure to do a workout if i eat them now lol

Now only if the kitchen would clean its self after cooking i HATE the cleaning part :)

Besides cooking I love the kitchen because its the one room in the house were we get together without TV or other distractions to spend time to eat :) its nice to have that time together (even if my children are SUPER messy! I blame Abby's new found Independence when it comes to eating)

So whats your favorite room in the house and why?

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Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

thanks for blogging :p heh heh
now you need to redo the background again :p haha okay moving on...

kitchen. except it doesn't clean itself. same reasons. happy place, fun place, i want a HUGE kitchen with a HUGE island thing - more like i want an open floor plan and that island thing would basically "separate" the kitchen and living room. so everyone can be involved. i def want a big counterlike space for everyone to work out.

plus, i like my food so i like making it haha

and kids are funny in the kitchen :p