Saturday, August 28, 2010

My oldest child

I have always been told your oldest child will hold a special place in your heart.  They teach you so much and you learn and grow so much through them.  Jacquelyn is no different.  She has taught me more then I would ever know possible.  She has taught me about my self, about love, about Christ, about joy, and about how to have fun. 

There is not a day that goes by that she does not light up my life and make me happy.  She is a special little spirit and I know she will do great things.  As her parent I sometimes worry I am not giving her all I can.  I want to make sure i give her every opportunity to do great.  I want to make sure I teach her everything I can so she can be a light to others
I want to make sure when we are together I use that time for us.  I want to make sure I don't waste a moment of it (she is napping right now ;)) Time with our little ones is short.  We don't know where life will go or what turns it will take. 
I love my little cheese head...even if she is almost impossible to get a picture of. 

A few things I love about her
  • While playing with a older kid in her sand box the older girl knocked her over and immediately started saying sorry sorry sorry.  As sweet as can be Jackie responded, "its okay Chelly accidents happen"
  • The hug and smile she gives me when I get home from work
  • She can hold a conversation and they are ever so entertaining
  • She loves her little sister so much
  • She does her best to listen and help me out
  • she cares about everyone and always wants to help out
  • she loves to PLAY!
  • I see my self and Derek in her
  • She loves to learn
  • she loves the gospel and always wants to learn about it
  • she is one of the sweetest little kids i have ever meet
  • she LOVES to go to sleep with curlers in her hair
  • most importantly she is mine!
Miss Jackie thanks for all you have taught me I love you sweetheart!  I cant wait to see where life will take you!

**coming soon a post about my dear sweet Abigail

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