Sunday, October 10, 2010

i wanted a cute picture

Me and the girls looked super cute today, Abby and I were also super fam picture matchy so i was like i need to get a picture of us! Only issue derek had to stay after to do fast offerings so no one was home and girls were getting near napping.  I kept them up to wait and this was the best we got when he got home :)
I think Jackie is getting over her non smiling phase either that or the Popsicle to told her she would get got her to smile
 Abby just wanted to push around her toy

 Attempt to get one with all of us.....
Love this little one! today she made all on her own some get well cards for 2 girls that were not in nursery cuz they were sick!

 Me and Abby...thats the best we got

Jackies hair was so cute today lol i wish i had a picture of it oh well!

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