Saturday, October 9, 2010

a wonderful perfect day!

Today was just a wonderful day.  Every part about it was great.  Miss Abby started it off great by sleeping from 8pm-7am. 
Then we got to take the girls to grandpa's house to which Jackie told us, "just give me kisses and leave!" and off to the temple to see a great friend go through for the first time. 
Man it had been a while since I had been to the temple to it was great to go again and just feel that spirit! I did not want to leave!
After we got our girls and made our way home i got to go to the football game with my friend and neighbor Analane.  I even got to go to the cougar club pre game show it was pretty sweet!
we loved the game i mean a WIN for BYU! it was wonderful!

We had great seats and really enjoyed seeing BYU win! I came home to happy girls who had their had fun with their "Aunt brenana cakes" 

I think I really needed a day off, a break from the normal.  I am sure my house might feel different but I really just don't care :) I had a great day I feel great.  I had a ton of fun with my hubby and friend! thanks everyone who helped make today so wonderful! :)

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