Saturday, October 23, 2010

got the cops called on us

Last night a friend on facebook posted he had 2 free tickets to the game today.  I was the first to respond so we got to go.  Can you SAY SUPER COOL! he was even nice enough to deliver them to my house!

We got a neighbor to watch the girls, put on a lot of layers since it was raining super hard, and drove on over.  We got to our seats in time for kick off.  Well and we stood.  I grew up right, was taught at games you stand and cheer.  When your team needs you this is even more important (and this is SO BYU right now they need all the help they can get) plus the players are constantly trying to get the fans to stand :).  We stood up, and then the yelling started.  People telling us we needed to sit.  People telling us we needed to live our religion, people telling us that its not Christ like to stand when they want to sit, people telling us we are jerks, an old man even swore at my husband.  All because we wanted to stand (this was all during a scoring drive mind you).  One of the people told security on us.  They told us we could stand if we wanted.  This did not fly with the old man, so he went to the cops.  The cops told us we could stand and he understood our want but said we could move down lower as not to cause a fight....which i am pretty sure some of those people were ready for. 
I saw a guy from my work, so we went and sat with them.  (this was about 6 rows down (we were 1st row upper bowl)  but in the lower bowl not upper) Got to stand the whole game and cheer.  I kept looking up to see our wonderful friends up above....i never saw cheering, they never stood.  seriously lame fans! So we had a lot more fun down there so i guess it turned out good in the end......still I think its funny they told the cops on us for standing.........

but who cares my cougars won, we had a BLAST, my husband was soooo nice to those mean people, and the above story happened in the first 6-7 minutes of the game

So what i learned is, some BYU fans are horrible and have no idea how to cheer at a game, or well be nice to people.  But don't worry in their eyes we are the horrible people for standing to cheer......

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