Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My current FAVORITE thing EVER!

This pass is my favorite. 

As in my super super favorite.  For $45 (they are all different prices for some weird resaon!) you get a season pass to seven peaks (next year of course) unlimited actives at Lehi and Orem trafalaga (everything but the arcades) plus a ticket to each Owls and Flash game (the minor league baseball and basketball team)  for 12 months! 

That is not even the best part, kids 3 and under are free to all the above events.  So we only needed 2.  We got these on Saturday when Derek and I went on a date.  I took the girls that night, and we went yesterday for FHE.  Jackie thinks they are the coolest places ever. (yes she does need to go to Disney land)  I am pretty excited about them, even more excited for seven peaks this summer!

If you live in Utah country you should check them out!

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