Sunday, October 10, 2010

trip to hee haws (pumpkin patch plus!)

Last Monday I really wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, only issue it rained all freaking day like sheets of rain! I was really worried we would not be able to go, but it stopped raining so we went! The patch was closed due to the mud but everything else was working and they had a ton of pumpkins they picked waiting for us to get :)

 Our fam at the trick or treat hay ride Jackie and Abby LOVED the hay ride, Abby kept yelling YAY YAY YAY jackie of course was in heaven every time they threw in some candy
 Abby on the pony it did not last long :)

 Jackie on the pony she LOVED it

 The potato slide as she calls it was her favorite

 Derek liked it too
 It rained a bit while we were there

 The train i sent abby with Jackie and they did great! Abby did not try to escape!

 daddy powered swing
 Jack on the tractor

 They had swings that were dad powered ;)

We had a lot of fun! Jackie wants to go back :)

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