Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gratitude a day #10

Today I am very grateful for my super cute sweet daughter Jackie!

Look at that face! How can you not be in love!  Jackie is my baby, and will always be :) Their is something about your first kid.  The kid who turned your world upside down and made you a mom.  I sure love her! 

She is a little ham.  She always has a joke or something fun to tell us.  She always wants to help me with Abby and is a wonderful big sister! Abby sure loves her big sister and wants to be with her big sister when ever she can! They are such sweet sisters together!

Jackie has a HUGE personality.  She is a go getter who knows what she wants and will try to get what ever it is :).  Recently my dad told her if she learned all her Articles of Faith he would take her to disney land.  Jackie is NOT taking this lightly.  She has now learned the first 5 articles of faith plus number 8.  :) I think she will have them down by summer :) 

Jackie is a huge help to me.  She has gotten to the age where when she does jobs i do not have to go back and re-do them :).  She loves to do dishes, put clothes away, and pick up.  

Jackie loves school and is doing great at pre school! She is doing really good at learning her letters and writing.  She loves when she figures out how to spell words all on her own. I love watching the world open up to her as she learns more and more.  

I love my Jackie! She sure is a huge blessing in my life!

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that's what she said...

Jess...your girls are so beautiful! And Jackie is so smart-I love reading all that she is up to! And Grandpa challening her on the articles of faith? Awesome!