Wednesday, June 24, 2009

double stroller!

So I think I have found a double stroller I like and I want! Its the Baby Trend -Sit N stand plus double stroller. I have been trying to find one that will work and really liked the sit n stands but wanted Jackie to be able to have a seat for when she is sleepy or i need her to stay put!
Anyone out there have this stroller? The reviews on it are great, just want to see if ya'll know anything about them!


Em said...

A friend of mine has this one and seems to like it but it is super heavy and kinda long!! I'm sure most double strollers will be heavy though when you have two kids in them.

Danielle and the Boys said...

Yeah, I didn't buy one that was one in front of the other because of how long they are. But I haven't heard anything bad about those strollers so why not???

i bought the peg perego side by side 60/40 and love it (one side's a bit bigger than the other for the older kid). It fits through doorways no problem and is really light but can still handle the weight of kids okay. I also love the phil and teds doubles stroller (but don't want to pay the price for one). Beyond that, nothing fits in my stupid trunk. You won't have that problem with your big suv though. Have fun picking one out! :)