Friday, June 19, 2009

test test test

I had my monthly check up today 26 weeks baby! It was time for the glucose screening and can i just say how much i HATE that test! With Jackie and now with this one it makes me so freaking sick, and a little too paranoid about missing the hour window and having to do it all over again....okay that was a lie i was A LOT paranoid. I spent all last night freaking out about the time frame and how i was going to make it work. My doc apt was at 8:50 the lab did not open until 9....hard to say how long the appointment will take because i have the luck on coming in on days that there is some emergency. So i decided this morning after worrying all night.....that i would just drink it when i got to the doctor, that way i would be sure to be okay. Anyway i drank it at 8:50, and go figure the doc was running right on time so i was done by 9:10 with my apt. lol so we got to wait around for a 40 minutes before i could take the test. But alas i got it all done :)

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Danielle and the Boys said...

it makes me gag just thinking about it. with ethan i didn't think the test was that bad but this time i was having to breathe deep just to not throw it back up. hopefully you pass and won't have to take the other one too!!!