Saturday, June 6, 2009


So we went to Lagoon with my mom while she was in town! I was excited since Jackie has never been able to go on the rides before! She was pretty she is on a few of the rides
Ridding the horse

This was the last ride of the day she was pretty tired at this point but she loved it! She is with her cousin Ava Jackie on the dolphins

My child has no fear this is the new ride this year! IT goes REALLY fast forwards and then backwards....Jackie kept yelling woooooo and weeeeee the whole time! Jackie on Puff with her aunt Nikki....mommy could not take her since she is currently housing Abby ;) she loved this one too! she had HUGE smiles during the whole ride!

Jackie on the boats with her cousin

She was pretty tired! This was her near the end of the day.....she was a trooper! She loved it! She did not like waiting in the lines or waiting for the rides to start but once they did she had a HUGE smile on her face :) When we got home all she wanted to do was talk about all the rides she went on....she keeps telling me about the boats, the horse, the cars with Ava....and going fast with daddy.....:) she is a cutie! and i am glad she is so willing to go on the bigger rides! we just hope it continues!

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Stephanie said...

So fun. Jackies hair is getting long.