Monday, June 1, 2009

My little big girl

Jackie is growing up! She is no longer my little baby and is my big girl!
Since about January she has liked the concept of the potty....she will use it off an on at her choosing, and gets very excited when anyone uses the potty!
She was never a fan of mommy or daddy telling her it was time to go. We let her go when she wanted and decided to let her do it on her time, i did not want to push her too much to go.
Well this weekend we decided it was time for the bottle to go. We let her have water in her bottle to go to bed but nothing else. She was not too happy about this, but seems to get it. Well Sunday she woke up and wanted to use the potty, and kept going in the toilet all day! Derek put her in pull ups (big girl pants) and she only had one accident!
When she woke up today she told me she was a big girl and wanted the diaper off, and her big girl pants far today she has gone in the potty all day for daddy! Lets hope it keeps up! I don't want two kids in diapers!
Guess i will just have to wait until September to have a baby in the house seems my baby is growing up!

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