Tuesday, June 30, 2009

happy birthday to me!

So Sunday was my 24th birthday!! We had a lot of fun! My brother Chris's birthday is on June 26th so my parents tool us up the canyon on Saturday for a BBQ! it was a really good and fun to be with family, and i got the cutest purse ever from them! After lunch, Derek and I headed out leaving Jackie behind with my parents! We went out to dinner at Tucannos...MAN had i forgotten what it was like to eat out with out a toddler! I got to enjoy the WHOLE meal, and not worry a bit about my messes, if Jackie needed anything, getting her food ect.! And dude since it was my birthday my meal was free! Join the birthday club, every year a free meal the month of your birthday!!

It was a nice break....then we went to the drive in out in west valley! I had never been to a drive in before and you get to see 2 movies for $7 a piece i was SO IN! So we went and say Up and The Proposal....good shows, not what i expected but still good!! And it was just SO much fun to have some time alone with Derek for so long, we go out occasionally but for just a couple hours! This time we had all night! The movies did not get over until 1:30 am so we got home really late, and getting up for church at 9 am lol well that was hard since my stupid alarm did not go off we woke up at 9 lol haha we made it though just REALLY REALLY late! haha church was nice with out Jackie too....i got to not miss anything lol. One day my child will like to go to nursery i am sure of it!

After church we went up to pick Jackie up.....she was as happy as could be. I guess sleeping over at grandparents house's is really fun! She loved it! I think she just likes all the attention she gets since she is their one and only grand kid right now! She is spoiled to death up there with attention! She has been asking ever since to go back to grandpas house haha.

After that we went up to Derek's parents for dinner. :) it was nice to see everyone and be with family! I do not have any pictures because well i just did not bring my camera OPPS! Just trust me everyone was cute, it was fun, i am older :)


Danielle and the Boys said...

WOW-sounds like a TON of fun! Glad you got to do something exciting for your birthday-you deserve it!

P.S. You totally know you were busy making out during the movie...lol. :)

Danielle and the Boys said...

its from ikea...it is nice bc it just wipes clean and it seriously catches EVERYTHING. Well, everything that is that drops vertically down from his mouth. We still crawl around after he's done eating to pick up everything else! lol.

Britta said...

Happy Birthday! (belated) Sounds like it was great. I love your weekly picture updates, you look so cute. We miss you guys!