Friday, June 26, 2009

you know your pregnant when......

  • Sleep is a distant fond memory
  • Every where you go you make sure you scout out the fastest route to the bathroom
  • You carry around paper sacks in your purse
  • You hate food
  • You love food
  • You can not wait to feel your baby kick for the first time
  • You want them to stop kicking
  • Certain smells will send you running
  • You have banned foods from your home
  • You send your husband out at all hours to get you something to eat because, "the baby wants it"
  • One minute your crying, then you are yelling, then you are laughing
  • You have taken over the whole bed with pillows
  • You have to have a box of tissues with you on the couch while watching TV...those darn commercials!
  • You let people take pictures of you with a growing belly
  • You find entertainment in watching your belly "dance"
  • While shopping for clothes you think hmmm will this be big enough in 3 months
  • tums become your best friend
  • You worry about peeing your pants if you sneeze or cough
  • You wonder what your feet look like
  • you have started putting sticky notes every where just so you can remember what you are supposed to be doing today
  • You beg your husband to shave your legs because you just can not reach all the way down any more
  • you realize you need a bigger towel
  • You have yelled at your belly more then once
  • You love that little baby more then anything and do not care what it takes to get them here

K all you moms or soon to be out there add some more to the list!

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