Monday, June 22, 2009

ramblings of Jackie as of late

Jackie is getting pretty funny when it comes to talking...she always has something to say

here are some of my favorites from last week

  • " i want a baby in my tummy"
  • when asked were Baby Abby is, "baby in mama's tummy, baby kicking mama"
  • while holding her tummy "baby kicking me!"
  • after touching out tummy's together, "Abby my tummy mommy, Abby kicking me"
  • "Happy fathers day!"
  • "i want to see your owie please", "i kiss better k mama"
  • "I big sister"
  • after i told her we were having taco soup for dinner "Taco soup! I love Taco soup"
yes most all about the new addition coming, but Jackie seems to be more and more interested in it as time passes :)

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