Thursday, March 17, 2011

18 months!


Wow sweetheart can you believe you have been in our family for 18 whole months?! Mommy can hardly believe it.  It seems like you have been apart of my life forever.  You have grown and changed so much in the last little bit.

You currently hate bath time, you get so mad at me every time I put you in there.  The times you are not angry you usually poop in the tub making Jackie very sad bath time is over.

You now sleep in a big girl bed! Its a fire truck because your mother is just cool like that and does not buy in to gender stereotyping  found it super cheap on Craig's list.  You have been great at sleeping in the bed! You go right to sleep and sleep pretty good!

You love to eat, and you are just like Jackie in the fact you will eat what we give you. Your favorite food though is cream soups such as broccoli cheese and potato cheese soup.  You also love potato's.  I have learned not to give you an Abby size serving of those because you will want more and more and more.

You are talking a lot now.  Its really cute, i think my favorite thing you say is please because it comes out peas, and its so cute to hear you use it to get those things you want. Jackie always makes you say it to get things and I love that you will appease her and listen to her.

Speaking of sister, you love Jackie so much.  You follow her around and play with her all the time.  If  you wake up before her you run to her room and pound of her door saying door door or if its open go in there and say hi hi hi until she wakes up.  I think its pretty dang adorable.  Luckily Jackie loves being woken up by you and will tell me mommy Abby wanted me awake. 

You have developed a scream to let us know when you do not agree with what we are doing or want you to do.  You are getting daddy's stubbornness i think.  I do hope its something you will lose though :)

You are still so sweet, you love to hug and cuddle me as soon as i get home.  You have also become SUPER clingy at times, like when i need to get things done, when its nursery time, when its bathroom time.  I do hope you will learn to go to nursery because I am looking forward to some church time with out a kid! :)

Abby you have become such a joy in our lives since you came to our family.  We love you and are so happy to learn and grow with you.  I love you more then I can even express sweetie.  I cant wait to see what you will become because I know you will do great things!


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what a sweet post for abby! she sounds like a sweetheart!