Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am a slacker and do not blog anymore, I figure its about time I update on everything.  So lets do this!


She just got a big girl bed! Its a fire truck bed.  I know i know those are for boys! but hey it was the cheapest one i found that had sides i liked.  Great news is she LOVES the bed.  She sleeps so great in it and does not attempt to escape (okay so she has not yet figured out HOW to escape.....but i am just going to consider that a good thing for now) I have a really cute video on my phone, but apparently i did not know with my new phone you have to tell it you want to send it so it so it can  format it differently...whatever. I will figure it out....maybe :)
 So this is the only one i could get to upload not near as cute and she  has a naked bum :)

Abby is getting so big.  I cant believe everything she is learning doing and saying.  Her vocabulary is exploding lately, I love hearing her cute little voice more and more.  I love her interaction with Jacquelyn.  She always wants to be around her big sister and they play so well together.

She loves to give kisses, hugs, and snuggles, and is such a sweetheart! I love her so much!

She has developed a "lovely" scream when she wants something or gets angry....we are working on it with her new word she knows please.


what can i say about my Jackie.   She is one of the sweetest little toddlers i know.  For example, last night during her prayer and her bed time wish she said, "I hope my mom can have a great day at work tomorrow"  Never once does she wish for her self or pray for her self.  She is always thinking about others.  I love it and I love her.

She loves sunbeams, she prides her self in being reverent and good in there (which i wont complain about!) so she does great!  She is also learning her articles of faith right now.  She knows the first 3 and now we are working on the 4th.  I figured if she could memorize her books we read nightly she could use that brain for something good! My dad also told her he would take her to Disney land when she learned them all....joking or not she is counting on it and wants to learn them so she can go to Cinderellas house.


The us part, we are doing well.  We are making through day by day.  Everything is just the same ol same.  We love playing with our girls, and visiting our family.  We love (okay maybe just I love this)  that its getting warm again so we can go play out doors.  I have So  missed the long nights out doors and cant wait for them to slowly come back.

I am getting our carpets cleaned by a real person this time.  I have never done this before always rented a vac....but i decided what the heck i should try this out because I want nice clean carpet. 

Derek still loves his cougars and hockey. 

Speaking of my cougars, they freaking rock! #3 in the nation I love them. I cant wait to watch them play New Mexico Wednesday!! I love college sports, its fun to watch and follow the game and get in to the spirit of competition.  Its fun, watch for bracket updates that will come in March....gotta to try and own Derek once again!!!

anyway there you go! Updates on us and what not.  Hope everyone else is well :)

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that's what she said...

i love hearing all that you guys are up to-sounds like you're great! and that carpet cleaner-i so need to get on that. mine are naaaasty.