Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jessica's quest

I have a quest one i have been on for the past month but have not really blogged about because i have just not wanted to blog much lately lol. 

But I want to tell you all about what  I have been up to so you guys can check in on me :) I want to get into really good shape.  I want to be able to wear a bikini (not that I would just want to be able to!) I want to have muscles and feel strong,

So i decided to try out p90x my dad had done it earlier and gave it to me to try.  I did it for 2.5 weeks, then we had the vegas sick trip so not much got done there, when we were back i was sick so i took a week off and restarted it 2 weeks ago.  So now i am on week 3 again lol.  Day 1 is chest/back so its lots and lots of push ups/ pull ups.  I have never been good at push ups or pulls ups.  I could not even do one guy push up when i started.  Last night I did 70 guy push ups and 70 girl (lots of different varies in sets) that's 140 PUSH UPS! i was pretty excited, granted this morning i am pretty sore, but i will take it for those kind of results!
Pulls ups are another story, i still cant really do one well yet, i am using bands and doing that instead of them right now and attempting one of each of the kinds you do. 

I also decided i wanted to add some more exercise into my life, trying to figure out how to include this into my crazy life i decide i could ride my bike to work.  Lets keep in mind my work is 6.2 miles away i have had my mountain bike since I was 10 and i have not done more then maybe a mile long fam bike rides for years...yeah maybe should have practiced before i took the adventure but I did it and made it and survived! Took me 45 minutes and my legs hurt but i made it! YAY! I might not ride home and make derek come get me because I do not really have the time it will take if i want to make dinner before Derek to go to work but we will see alll i know is i am happy i made it and did not die (i was worried about that at one point in time.)

SO my goal is to ride Tuesday Thursday right now.  Try it out see where it gets me i hope to make it all days but Monday (monday is dress up day at work)  once i get in bike riding for that long shape, but we will see.

Also as a side note, my body is odd it does not sweat like at all.  Bike ride today, tiny bit of sweat where the back pack i had on was on my shoulders, P90X nope no sweat maybe a glimmer on the forehead....is anyone else weird like this

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that's what she said...

way to go jess!!! i'm wierd when i work out because instead of going red in the face i go pale and look like i'm going to pass out. EXCEPT when I run-then I go red.