Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So if you are a basketball fan I am sure you have heard this news.  Brandon Davies out for the season, honor code violation.

I have heard a multitude of different things.  The one I keep hearing at work, is why did not wait to turn him self in or why did BYU not wait until after the season to do something.

Lets go with a big fat freaking HELLO rules are rules.  If you have any sort of honor you are going to come forward and right the situation, not wait and wait and wait.  I am impressed that he and the school took action and did it quickly.  (granted inside i am asking the same questions why not wait)  It was the right thing to do.  Honor is honor.  You stand up for it and you protect it.

You all should go here and watch this

I really love what these commentators said about BYU. 

So really yes this will hurt BYU Brandon is awesome and does great things for us both in Defense and in offense.  I think he will be missed most offensively since his D skills can be replaced by others, but his 11 points a game...yeah we need those.

I wont lose faith, we have players who can step it up, I mean look at Charles, he came in and took over for Chris.  We got others on the bench who can step and and make things happen!  It will be an awesome end of the season for our cougars!

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Meg said...

I am glad they took action when they did. The punishment needs to fit the crime when it was committed, not a year later! That drives me crazy with pro sports, if there is a reason to kick someone out of a season or something, they wait until the next year! No Wonder those guys don't learn anything from it! The consequence is much less severe if it gets pushed back so you can still finish a season. I am proud of BYU for having the virtue they are enforcing, honor!!!