Friday, March 25, 2011

The hunt

So the hunt for a new place has proved to be interesting, not even a week into it and i am SO done. I have seen so many place i would never ever consider living with my family its not even funny.  wow makes me sad the places they have here in Provo!

But we have seen a few we would live in.  They are all in spring ville (well there IS one in Provo thats in our ward brand new and awesome but its more money then i would ever consider paying for rent).  We are looking at a 2 bedroom duplex in our ward today so we will see how that place turns out.  Its a lot cheaper so it would be nice to save on rent, but we have to make sure that we would have enough space because i do not want to live somewhere smaller only to pay to rent a storage garage. 

To many choices to make and to many emotions for me to get to where we should go, so i am going to guess that means I have not found our place yet and I should keep looking.  I am getting over the angry thing that we have to move and feeling more okay with it, but I know when it comes to the day we leave i will be a emotional wreak because i do love my place and have yet to find one (well besides that expensive Provo one) that is close to what we have now. 

I am also realizing the fact that it would be nice to just downsize if possible and save the money work on getting out of debt.  Sometimes i hate being a grown up and just wish someone could make the choices for us so we do not have to figure it all out...ahhh being a grown up.

Sometimes i just wish life would be easier but that is not how we learn or grow.  Right now i am just grateful for a wonderful loving husband who is being my positive rock right now about everything and that he holds the priesthood.  For wonderful daughters who will love me no matter where we live. I love knowing that if we put our faith in God everything will work out. 

So keep us in your prayers if you would while we are on this adventure :) Jackie keeps telling me she is super excited about moving but her bed time wish nightly is that is that the people wont need our condo and we can stay.  she is a positive cute little girl so I think she will be just fine but we will see.

Gag i am still trying to get rid of the thoughts that i do not want to move that its so unfair that I have to move ect.  But those thoughts are getting less and I am sure will get less and less as time goes on honestly if they had just given me a place to switch to it would not bug me as bad looking for a new place is annoying :)

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Kimby said...

Hang in there. It will all work out!