Wednesday, November 17, 2010

changing things up

After 17 posts on just what i am thankful for I feel the need to just write SOMETHING else.  So here it goes!

First off I am really enjoying the gratitude a day thing.  I have noticed it really helping me stay positive and happy :) So I might try to keep it up.  I had a gratitude journal i kept (my family did it nightly) as a child, so I might see about starting that up in our family.

I have been really bad about going to the gym these past 2 weeks, and dang it all the scale is showing it.  I need to get better at going but with our schedules its been hard lately.

Abby has started sleeping poorly due to teething i believe so i have been having her sleep in her pack n play in the play room and now i can let her fuss at night for a bit and not worry about her waking up Jackie. Its helped I just hope her teething ends soon so i can but her back in her bed...or I will just move Jacks bed out  in the play room until the teething crazyness stops.

Abby walks everywhere now.  I love it.  She is so dang proud of her self its super cute.  She is also becoming a great eater.  She loves everything and anything she can put in her mouth.  (this includes, dirt, mud, grass...what ever she can find!)

Jackie has tried to be picky at dinner time lately.  After we let her know that's not the way things work, she eats her food and likes it.  Just trying to assert her independence i am sure, little does she know in my house I will not stand for that (well i guess she is learning this one) I am not one to make a kid finish their whole plate, but at least one bite per year old per item is required :)

Derek and I well we are good :) Just hanging in on the crazy roller coaster of life.  Getting ready and excited for thanksgiving, Derek hoping it snows, Jackie hoping it snows, me loving it has not yet !

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e said...

I have noticed that you have been ridiculously cheerful and happy recently. It's putting an "upper" on my generalized Eeyore attitude. :D