Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gratitude a day #23

Can you believe its almost thanksgiving?  Well i can not! Today i am trying not to look outside to see what this weather is bringing.  I am just going to think warm warm thoughts! In the mean time, today I am grateful for Family

This is 2 part.  One I am so grateful for my own little family and how much joy the bring me.  Really they are wonderful and I love knowing they are mine forever :) I am blessed to have them in my lives.  They make each day a bit better by being there.  I love that they love me no matter how crazy i am or how crazy my ideas get.  I love that they put up with all me experiments in the kitchen, my crazy ideas for family fun, and well all the craziness that is me.  I love how much my daughters love their dad, I love how much Jackie is like me.  Its all just wonderful. 

2nd part, is i am grateful for my family near and far.  For my parents, siblings, cousins, in laws everyone.  Its so nice to know that there are people around who care about you and want you to be happy. Where would we be with out family?

oh and you all should make these rolls some of the best homemade rolls i have ever had! :) mmmmm tasty!

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cherigarner said...

I am grateful for JESSICA! My first baby and the one who reminds me I'm not such a bad mom after all! Love you so much, Jess!