Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gratitude a day #16

Todays is a bit long so here it goes

I am grateful for my love and desire to cook and small ability and wonderful cooking websites such as our best bites  to help us have wonderful meals and switch up from the normal.  

This week my goal was to make something new daily sooo this is what is on our menu!
Friday we had Southwest Burgers  I really like them.  however i  really like spice so i would have added a lot more spice to the mayo and burger :) but they were fun and different from typical burgers so that was nice
Saturday we had Tortellini Sausage Soup with these breadsticks. Man alive these both were tasty! I loved it! the breadsticks were amazing and i can not wait to try it as pizza dough!
Tonight we are having French Dip sandwiches  I am hoping they are tasty! 
Tomorrow we are having enchiladas with homemade sauce the recipe is from a co-worker so i will keep you posted...but really we love Mexican how can you go wrong!
Thursday is left overs because we gotta eat things up!
Friday is Creamy chicken taquitos  I made these once before so its not too new but i am going to change a few things up :)

A yummy week for sure.  Best part is shopping for the week and everything i spent $56 and a lot of what i bought was not related to these meals but others things we need for the week :)

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