Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gratitude a day #28

Today I am grateful for Church.  I love that every Sunday we have the chance to go learn of our Savior and feel is love.  Sometimes as of late i have hated going to church, due to a toddler who is way past her nap time and still too young for nursery.  Its made it so i miss a lot of church, but you know what, i still love that going and knowing i am where I should be.  Knowing that is where the Lord wants me.  I love knowing that even though i miss a lot my meetings, I love being in the Lords house I love feeling his Spirit.  I love just knowing I have a place to be and a place to worship.  March will come soon and Abby will go to Nursery, but for know I am going to enjoy the little time I do get to spend wondering the halls with Abby and the extra snuggles i get from my over tired baby :)

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