Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gratitude a day #6

I got a call from my dad this morning letting me know my Uncle had 2 extra tickets to the BYU game and wanted to know if I wanted to come.  Um can you say HECK YES! Derek was already going with the paper, so I called my grandparents and they said they would watch my darling daughters.  So today I am grateful for

The generosity of others!

Seriously I know some amazing wonderful people! I have been lucky enough to go to 3 BYU games this year for free all because of some wonderful people I know!  This includes those that have watched my kiddos to make this happen!

Its been a VERY nice thing for me to have a chance to get away with out my kiddos and get some time to relax! I love my kids and miss them when I work, but sometimes i just need some me time!  I love my cougars and I really love college football!  So to all those who have helped me get to these games, Derek, Brieanna, Analane,Chris, Marcie and Trent, Jim, and my grandparents THANK YOU! Your sweet generosity has really touched me.  (yes i am grateful for all the other things but for today its about getting some me time and watching some football!)

oh and is it bad of me to add i am grateful for a cougar blow out and a tcu blow out against the utes? ;)

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